US New Citizenship Test To Become a U.S. CITIZEN

Some people are afraid to take the Immigration test. But there is no need to be afraid. Really, it is a fantastic process to learn many things about the United States of America.

As an immigrant who applied for (and later obtained) U.S. citizenship, I received a booklet before my test from the USCIS. This booklet is given to all immigrants who have completed an application to become a U.S. citizen. It helps immigrants prepare for the test they need to take during their citizenship interview. This booklet has 100 sample questions and answers about the United States of America. During your citizenship interview and test, you will be asked 10 of these questions. You must answer 6 of them correctly.

The 100 questions are divided into 3 big sections:

In this booklet, I began to learn a lot about the United States, including geography, its development as a nation, its Civil Rights movement and other historical moments. It is a very special and emotional moment to become a U.S. citizen. You don’t need to be afraid of the immigration test. There are many didactic tools to help you learn the 100 Immigration test questions step by step.

How to prepare for the Immigration test?

For example, go slowly and enjoy learning the information that the immigration booklet gives you. Everyone learns in a different way, but one way that helped me was to divide the 100 questions into 10 questions a day with 20 to 30 minutes of study each day.

On the first day, learn the first 10 questions (see questions from 1 to 10 Online). Memorize the questions and the answers; write both the question and the correct answer on a piece of paper.
Then go back to the immigration booklet, and read each question to yourself again. This time, don’t look at the correct answer, but try to answer on your own. Write your answer down on a piece of paper next to the number of the question. Now look at the Immigration booklet and see you if answered correctly. After that, at any time of the day visit our site and take a free Immigration test online.

We have created the site to give you a tool that you can use at any time from any computer (even on your phone) to have an Immigration sample test online. On this site, you can read the questions and answer the questions 10 by 10, and you can see for yourself how you are doing.

For the second day before you start with the new 10 questions, answer the first 10 questions first. Then go on to read and learn the questions from 11 to 20 (see test online N.2).

Follow the same steps that you took before with the first 10 questions, and again I invite you to use our site at any time to take an Immigration sample test. Remember, every day you can have 10 questions answered. And the next day, before you move on to the next set of 10 questions, review the first sets of questions you already learned.

The citizenship test also includes a test of how well you speak and understand English during your interview with the USCIS agent. That is why, very soon, we will be adding a new feature to In the coming weeks, look for a link where you will hear the questions and answers read by a native English speaker. You will be able to practice listening to English spoken to you and practice pronunciation by repeating after the native English speaker.

And remember: relax and have fun! If you have kids, try to get them involved, too. Make it a family event! That day you stand with hundreds of other people from around the world to be sworn in as a new U.S. citizen, will be one of the most memorable days of your life!